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Using generic Seagate disks with NetApp Redux

Update 2010-06-08: After a while someone at livejournal got back to me, and provided more information about what happened with regards to suspension of my posts. They got nailed with a DMCA takedown notice by lawyer on retainer of NetApp Inc, with which they had to comply. They did send me a scan of the notice.

I am a Russian citizen, I do not reside in USA, and frankly I don't give a fuck about DMCA. As a result, I moved all suspended content to a different hoster, where hopefully DMCA will not be enforceable.

And yes, I apologize for all the ads there. Please install adblock plug-in for Firefox, it will make your life much happier.

Using generic Seagate disks with NetApp
Converting NearStore R100 to NetApp F880
NetApp R100 - overview
NetApp env_exception license
Is FAS940c a decent one?

Feel free to post your comments these posts in this thread. I do not keep track of IPs/usernames of the posters (Livejournal does, though), and only pre-moderate the comments.
Tags: fuckyou, livejournal, nyetapp

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