vardomskiy (vardomskiy) wrote,

xpdf 3.04 and password protected PDFs / xpdf 3.04 и зашифрованные PDF файлы

For what it's worth, the old patch for xpdf 3.0 still works with version 3.04 with minimal modifications.

All it does, is ignores the settings of the owner password is the user password is not set, allowing one to print or convert PDF file to text, PostScript file, etc.

Старый патч для xpdf 3.0 без особых проблем продолжает работать с xpdf 3.04, и позволяет печатать или конвертировать PDF файлы у которых стоит пароль владельца, но нет пароля для пользователя.

--- xpdf-3.04/xpdf/ 2014-09-17 13:29:34.000000000 -0400
+++ xpdf-3.04/xpdf/ 2014-09-17 13:47:07.000000000 -0400
@@ -958,19 +958,19 @@
 GBool XRef::okToPrint(GBool ignoreOwnerPW) {
-  return (!ignoreOwnerPW && ownerPasswordOk) || (permFlags & permPrint);
+  return gTrue;
 GBool XRef::okToChange(GBool ignoreOwnerPW) {
-  return (!ignoreOwnerPW && ownerPasswordOk) || (permFlags & permChange);
+  return gTrue;
 GBool XRef::okToCopy(GBool ignoreOwnerPW) {
-  return (!ignoreOwnerPW && ownerPasswordOk) || (permFlags & permCopy);
+  return gTrue;
 GBool XRef::okToAddNotes(GBool ignoreOwnerPW) {
-  return (!ignoreOwnerPW && ownerPasswordOk) || (permFlags & permNotes);
+  return gTrue;
 Object *XRef::fetch(int num, int gen, Object *obj, int recursion) {
Tags: adobe, broken by design, fuckyou, pdf

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